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Welcome to Leader/Guider Cyber Council!

As a Leader or Guider in the Scouting Movement, you are an important part of the largest international organization serving young women. Get help, make new friends and share what you know with others!

Visit the message board on DelphiForums to post questions, ideas, and materials to share with others. No registration is required to view the message board, but the first time you attempt to post or chat you will be redirected to a registration screen. Basic registration is free and having a unique user name and password helps protect your privacy.

Are you on Facebook? We have a second group there. You don't have to choose between sites, visit both!

Follow us through Twitter too @GSLeaders_org

Please read the forum rules before you participate.

This forum was founded in January 1999 upon the closing of the original Girl Scout/Guide Research Center.



Last update: January 18, 2014

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