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Daisy Investiture

Investiture for Brownies and Juniors

Junior Rededication Ceremony

Dime & Gift Ceremony

Golden Link Investiture Ceremony

Gorp Ceremony

Salmon Ceremony

Cadette & Senior Rededication Ceremony

Evening Of Celebration


Daisy Investiture

Of the MANY hats I wear, this year I earned TWO more. (Lucky me. *sigh*)

I became an assistant to a Daisy Troop also lead by my Senior Leader. There's three of us helping, along with some Cadettes earning their leadership hours for their Silvers. I also joined the "staff" for our council's yearly GS/Boy Scout/Civil Air Patrol Encounter.

I am proud to announce that Daisy Troop 1068 in the Lenni-Lenape GSC was recently (yesterday) invested into the world of GSing. We had a cute, short, sweet, to-the-point ceremony. As the 6 of us Cad/Sr girls read about Juliette Low, and Daisies, we built a daisy. The girls all received little plastic daisies to keep with their scrapbook and received their beginning certificate as well as the pin. The pin was placed upside-down and the parents were told of how the girls must complete THREE good deeds before it was righted. Of course the parents had to ask the question: "Can we turn it upside down each time the girl does a bad deed?" *lol* Sorry Moms and Dads. NOPE! And BTW, they are

SOOOOOOO cute! The Daisies that is, not the Moms and Dads.


Chris Konecke
Senior GS, Lenni-Lenape GSC


Investiture for Brownies and Juniors

Our troop began as 2nd year Brownies and we are now 3rd year Juniors with 4 girls preparing to bridge to Cadette. We have done various ceremonies - some formal and some informal. Our girls seem to prefer formal ceremonies so I've written our favorite for your compilation.

We always begin with the standard GS Promise Candle Ceremony. We have three 12" taper white candles in holders and one 12" white taper being held. As we recite the GS Promise, we light the held candle then the remaining three white candles at the beginning of each line. From this point we vary -

As Brownies, the girls chose this ceremony based on the GS Law. For each line, we lit one candle. The presentation was the key for our troop. We used one white emergency candle stuck into a medicine bottle covered with bronze foil. We created a candle holder base with a precut round wooden form which we bought at a lumber store. We painted it teal green, added clear sparkle craft paint for effect and then edged it with bronze foil. We covered medicine bottles with bronze foil (for disguise) and used Liquid Nails to attach them to the base. The result was a candle ceremony with sparkle and a stationary candle holder/ base for younger girls. To make the ceremony very formal, we included a color guard presentation of the flag which gave clear opening & closing cues for our ceremony.

To present Try-Its we made paper plate angels and attached the Try-It to the edge of the angel's robe. One time we used ribbon hanging from the angels arms and attached try-its to the ribbon for a change of pace. The event patches are given out separately as they are not earned. (The angel from a paper plate directions are credited to a leader craft manual compiled by Terra del Orro, Ca. council.)

As Juniors, they chose the GS Law ceremony or 5 World ceremony - always with candles. The girls hold an unlit 12" taper candle until their line during the ceremony. When their line is said, they place the candle into the holder and light, using the 'first' white candle. The lit candle is held by the previous speaker until the present speaker is ready for the candle - of course, the original white candle has a drip guard. We present awards & recognitions. To close, they have chosen to add something new - individual statements of "What GS means to me". The statements have become an affirmation for the group.

We are traveling to Savannah in the Fall and hope to use the very special Juliette Gordon Low 'Pass the Flame' ceremony while in the Birthplace Garden (if candles are allowed). Four of our Juniors are bridging to Cadette so we think this 'tear jerker' ceremony will be a fitting tribute to their accomplishments.


Mary Anne Moutray
NW Georgia GSC
Junior Troop 1908


Junior Rededication Ceremony

Opening: Friendship Circle

President: We gather here today to join hearts and hands in the spirit of friendship. We welcome our new Girl Scouts, and rededicate those girls who have been with us for many years.

New Girl Scout #1: I bring to the log a candle of green. The color green symbolizes the riches I find in the values and lessons of Girl Scouting (insert candle into middle hole)

New Girl Scout #2: I bring to the log a candle of royal blue. The color royal blue symbolizes the admiration that I have for myself and my fellow Girl Scouts across the world (insert candle next to green candle)

New Girl Scout #3: I bring to the log a candle of white. The color white symbolizes the honesty that I will practice toward others and Girl Scouts around the world (insert candle next to green candle)

New Girl Scout #4: I bring to the log a candle of silver. The silver represents all girls new to Girl Scouting. May we all become true friends (insert candle next to white candle)

New Girl Scout #5: I bring to the log a candle of gold. This gold candle represents all members of the troop that have been down the Girl Scout road of adventure for many years together. May we all continue down the same path for years to come (insert candle next to blue candle)

Leaders: We now intertwine the candles together with the rope of leadership. Under our guidance, may these girls continue on the path of kindness towards each other and all Girl Scouts around the world (weave rope between the candles)

All: Recite the Girl Scout Promise

Closing: Everyone makes the old friendship circle again and sings "Make New Friends"

Junior Troops 340 & 346


Dime & Gift Ceremony

We have something we want to give each of you girls tonight - A bright, shiny new dime!

Now, a dime doesn't do much by itself. You have to put it with something in order for it to be useful.

Put 15 cents with it and you have enough for an emergency phone call.

Put 40 cents with it and you might have enough to buy a candy bar or a pack of gum.

You can save more dimes, put it all in the bank and let it make more money in interest.

You could take this dime home, throw it in a dresser drawer and not use it at all.

You could even lose it before you get home!

Now, I want you to tell me, how many pennies does it take to equal this one dime?

Right, it takes 10 pennies - 10 very equal and important parts. Well when you take the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law and add it all together, it equals Girl Scouting!

I will do my best to be
honest and fair
friendly and helpful
considerate and caring
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,
and to
respect myself and others
respect authority
use resources wisely
make the world a better place, and
be a sister to every Girl Scout
because...WE ARE GIRL SCOUTS!!!

Now we have one more thing to give you - a tiny little box.

The wrapping may be a bit wrinkled and the ribbon may not be quite perfect - but it's what's INSIDE that counts!

Just like the dime, you have to put something with it to make it really worthwhile.

Now, you won't be receiving all of your gift at one time. We hope to give it to you over a period of many years, in small doses and as painlessly as possible!

We want to give you Girl Scouting!!!

With this gift we also give you our hopes that you will learn from it, grow with it, work with it, use it everyday, enjoy all of it and keep it with you for the rest of your life!

Now, New Girl Scouts and Old Girl Scouts alike, let us all join together in the Girl Scout Promise .

On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

As we're sure you have already noticed the little gift that we just gave to you was wrapped in Gold paper and tied with Silver ribbons - This is to remind you of all of the Wonderful, Wonderful Friends you are going to make this year. As the Song goes, "Make New Friends but keep the old. One is Silver and the other is Gold!"

And now as we share our first ever All-_______ Friendship Circle, we will pass the squeeze around the circle. As we do, we will all think about all of our special Girl Scout Sisters right here at ________ and around the world and all of the fun and excitement that awaits us this year!

Debbee DeWitt


Golden Link Investiture Ceremony

You will need:

11 volunteers/girls/leaders


Candle and matches

10 "links" cut out of paper - (write the line from the Law on one side of the link and the "definition" on the back. These will serve as scripts as well as links)


We are gathered here tonight to begin a new year of Girl Scouting. Some of us have been Scouts a long time and some of us are just beginning. But all of us are dedicated to the Promise and Law upon which Girl Scouting is founded. The Promise was brought to America by Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scout movement in our country. She believed that by taking this oath, girls all over the country would better understand their place in their community and, in doing so, join thousands of other girls who share a common belief and commitment. Please join in reciting the Girl Scout Promise: (all)

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law


The Girl Scout Law is made up of ten "rules to live by". The exact wording of the law has changed over the years but the basic idea is still the same. We pledge to uphold this law because we know it will make us better people and help us to make a positive difference in our lives. So now, we rededicate ourselves to living the Girl Scout law.

Person 1: I will do my best: to be honest and fair. This means I will be truthful, trustworthy, equal and fair in my judgement and dealings with others, and I will honor my obligations and duties. (make the first link in the chain and stand in front, facing out)

Person 2: To be friendly and helpful. I will be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, I will cheerfully help others in need without regard to personal reward, and I will help my troop to be the best that we can be. (join your link to the first one, stand facing out)

Person #3: To be considerate and caring. I will consider the feelings and beliefs of others before I speak or act. I will not spread gossip and repeat things that are not true. I will try to remember these words: "If wisdomís ways you wisely seek, Five things observe with care, To whom you speak, Of whom you speak, And how and when and where." (join link and stand in line)

Person #4: To be courageous and strong. I will have the courage to say no to my friends when I donít feel comfortable with what they want me to do or say and the courage to stand up for what I believe and have been taught. I will have the strength to resist temptation and the strength to stand by my opinions. (join link and stand in line)

Person #5: To be responsible for what I say and do. If I say or do something that I regret and am asked about it, I will take responsibility for my actions. I will try to speak and act in ways which will not hurt others and in ways which I will feel good about. (join link and stand in line)

Person #6: And to respect myself and others. I will try to treat others the same way I would like to be treated; like the considerate, feeling person I try to be. (join link and stand in line)

Person #7: To respect authority. I will give the respect that is due to those in charge. I will listen when spoken to and question authority only when I feel very strongly about something. (join link and stand in line)

Person #8: To use resources wisely. Being a Girl Scout means being aware of the daily bounties I am given. I promise to use whatever resources I am given, such as craft supplies, firewood, or water, in the best and least wasteful ways possible. (join link and stand in line)

Person #9: To make the world a better place. I promise to leave places cleaner and better than I found them. I promise to help make the world a better place for others less fortunate than I am. And most of all, I promise to make my own part of the world a better place for me , my family, and my friends. (join link and stand in line)

Person #10: And be a sister to every Girl Scout. As a Girl Scout, I am a part of the worldwide association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Although we all come from different countries and speak many languages, we are woven together by a common thread; a common belief and commitment. We believe in ourselves and what we stand for and we are committed to living the Law and Promise in our everyday lives.

All: May the paper links that join us together tonight be like pure gold: strong and bright and long lasting, in our lives and in our hearts.

***If you are doing this with your girls, the next part is for the leaders to read to the girls). Light the candle then read the following :

As your leaders, we pledge our dedication, our commitment, and our friendship to you. This candle stands for sunshine, the sun that warms us all. Just as the sun warms us, may we in turn spread warmth and friendship to those we meet. Letís make Girl Scouting fun for all of us, but at the same time not lose sight of the Promise and Law that we have pledged to uphold.

All: Please join hands and sing, "Make New Friends".

Karen Norgard


GORP Ceremony

A ceremony and a snack all in one!

Materials needed: A small table with a nice table cloth. A large bowl (size depends on how large you want to make your mix). A nice fancy punch bowl would look great. Also need all the ingredients for the Gorp mix as listed below. You may want to get them separated into smaller individual bowls, or have the girls pour them directly from the packages. Using the packages might help with the visual aspect. You'll need a large spoon for mixing, and cups for making individual servings after the ceremony; maybe also a ladle to help fill the cups. (15 girls total - give or take: 12 girls for Gorp ceremony, 1 for the caller, 2 more for the flags. Can add more girls by adding more lines or splitting some up, adding color guards for the flags, or use less girls and combine some of the lines/duties).

Now I'm picturing the audience seated facing the flag stands and a table with the ceremony materials on it. There is a space in the center of the audience to make a sort of aisle. The caller is in place, and the girls walk up two by two behind the two flags. The flag bearers stop at the flag stands and the girls file left and right in their lines to either side of the flags. After the flag ceremony, they all take a few steps forward, and their line is made between the flags and the table. The girls step up one by one to say their lines, add their ingredients, and then take their place back in line. (Flag duties would be good for the girls who prefer not to have to say any lines).


Caller: Will everyone please rise?
Girl Scouts attention
Color Guard attention
Color Guard advance
Please post the colors
Please join me in saying the Pledge of Allegiance
We will now say the Girl Scout Promise
We will now say the Girl Scout Law
Color Guard dismissed
You may be seated
Caller and the Color Guard take their places in line.

1. Have you ever wondered what goes into making a Girl Scout? Well, we have a recipe to make to show you what we're all about.

2. Girl Scouts come in all colors, from cities and towns, Every Girl Scout's a sister no matter what she looks like or how she sounds. I am starting our mix with these colorful M&Ms.

3. Some of us are tall, and some of us are small. When we get together, size doesn't matter at all. I am adding pretzel thins and marshmallows.

4. With our words and our actions, we show that we care, We try to do our best to be fair and square. I will add Chex Cereal to our mix.

5. Sometimes we act a little "nuts", we love to joke and play. We'd love to put a Girl Scout smile into everyone's day. So I am adding a whole bunch of nuts.

6. When we get together, we make circles so round. It's our never ending friendships to which we are bound. I will add Cheerios to our mix.

7. When we're planning and working, we just don't stop, We keep ourselves busy; all around we will pop. Next we add some popcorn.

8. We respect all God's creatures, if they're big or they're small, The earth is our home, and there is room here for all. So for all the little creatures, I add some Goldfish crackers.

9. It was 1912 when Juliette Low started us off, And like the girls back then, weíre just "chips off the old block" So for all of us, I add some candy chips. (chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, etc.)

10. We get a "kick" out of learning and doing new things, And a "kick" out of helping others, and spending time with friends. I am adding Kix Cereal to our mix.

11. When we were Daisies and Brownies, we were fresh, new and rare, But now we're Cadettes (can also substitute Jrs. or Srs.) and have experience to share. Added together, the number of years our girls have spent in Girl Scouting comes to ___. So for all the years we've spent in Girl Scouting, I am adding raisins.
*Here I thought we could add up all the years the girls have been in Girl Scouts and quote that number.

12. Now we stir to the left and we stir to the right,
We mix it together with all of our might.
We welcome our troop to another great year,
And hope the memories they make, they will always hold dear.

Leader: Now that our recipe is complete, we look upon what we have created. Each of the ingredients went into our recipe separately, just like each of the girls came into the troop separately. As the ingredients mix together to form one dish, our girls mix together to form a troop. But even as we look upon our mix, we can still see each ingredient as separate and unique. Our girls bring each of their own unique talents and characteristics to our troop to make it what it is.

Girls sing: When'ere you make a Gorp Mix,
Consider well its ingredients,
And when made,
In it we can see ourselves!

Leader: Before we share our Gorp mix with everyone, we'll present the girls with the awards they have earned so far this year.

Call up each girl one by one, present them with their awards.

Leader: Congratulations girls!

Caller: Girl Scouts attention
Color Guard attention
Color Guard advance
Color Guard, please retire the colors
(could also add in the singing of taps as the flags retreat)
Girl Scouts dismissed

Pass out Gorp mix, serve drinks, mingle, etc.



Salmon Ceremony

Last night 2 Guides, 1 Pathfinder and a new Leader were enrolled in a Salmon Ceremony. It was so much fun that we wanted to share it with you. This ceremony is based on the West Coast Indian's belief that only by paying homage in a prescribed ritual would the salmon continue to return each spring. We adapted this ritual into an enrollment ceremony that was both educational and fun for all participants. Feel free to adapt it to your own specific needs. We had a "Chief", "Shaman" and other participants sharing in the readings.


The Indians had a way of ensuring that the salmon would return year after year. There is a very special bond between mankind and the salmon world, involving many ritual obligations and taboos. The rivers must be kept clean and so must the girls purify themselves before beginning the Salmon Ceremony.

Since the salmon was one of the main sources of food for the West Coast Indian peoples, it was treated with deep respect and the Salmon Ceremony was an important celebration during the spring of every year.

The baby salmon are born in the rivers and streams of British Columbia, and shortly after birth, they swim many, many miles until they reach the Pacific Ocean where they spend their whole life.

(Chief speaks to enrollees)

"You have joined the __________Guide Co./Pathfinder Unit and by learning and understanding the promise and law and participating in the program, you are now ready to become members of the Sisterhood of Guiding." (symbolizing the new born salmon and travelling to Pacific Ocean)

The grown salmon always come back to the exact place where they were born - swimming up rivers and streams, overcoming many obstacles such as waterfalls - but instinct drives them on to continue to their place of birth.

(Chief speaks to enrollees)

"We hope that you will continue to grow and learn new skills throughout your guiding years and perhaps one day as an adult you will become a Guider and show other what you have learned."

"We will now begin the ceremony."

We will now start by the ritual cleansing of body and soul. (Purify with burning sweetgrass)

Everyone goes down to the river, for the salmon are about to come.

*Create a river using long twisted strips of crepe paper and lay fish throughout the stream, making sure all the heads are facing up stream.

*Fish are cut out of colored construction paper with paper clips on the nose

*Everyone (except enrollees) is given fishing poles - dowels or sticks with a magnet attached to a string

*Each enrollee is represented with her name on a paper fish. Distribute these fish in the stream, name-side down

*Enrollees stand at the end, also facing up stream

The girls begin fishing for salmon. Everyone tries to catch one fish.

There are special fish representing each girl to be enrolled. Once these fish are caught, the fish is handed to the girls to be enrolled. Continue until all fish are caught and everyone has one.

The special salmon are caught and ceremonially carried to the village. All villagers assemble for this important occasion, led by Chief and Shaman, in full regalia. All gather around the fire. (Light candle in circle of cedar boughs)

*Each enrollee is ceremonially carried to the fire on a stretcher covered with cedar boughs

Guider will begin to enroll the girls, individually, asking if they know and understand the law and to repeat the promise. Guider will present enrollment pins and other gifts.

A prayer is led by the Shaman: "Welcome to the _______Guide Co/Pathfinder Unit. We hope that you will continue to live your promise and law daily. Welcome to the world-wide Sisterhood of Guiding."

In the Indian people's ceremony, the salmon is carried to the open fire on cedar boughs and cooked until done. All the villagers are given a small piece, but the head, bones and tail are left carefully in one piece.(Everyone is given a piece of smoked fish <or fish crackers!>)

Whilst singing and dancing, the whole village, led by the Shaman carrying the skeleton, all go back to the stream where the salmon was caught. While intoning a prayer, he throws the backbone back into the water and they all give thanks for the return of the salmon and that there will be enough to eat for the months ahead and even after drying or smoking it, far away into the long winter months. (Everyone moves back to the stream singing "As One" and dancing)

Ceremony ends - girls are congratulated and welcomed into the unit.

Submitted by:

Cap Sante Guide Co, Cap Sante Pathfinder Unit




Cadette & Senior Rededication Ceremony

This ceremony is for older girls, who have been in scouting for a while and may be beginning to take their Girl Scout Promise and the Law for granted.

Girls begin this ceremony more as observers.

Setting: The room is dark, except for 13 lit candles.

Leader says, "We know our Promise and our Law. We have recited it many times over the years. We may have questioned its importance in our life or have forgotten its value."

"But what would the world be like if we each stopped serving God and our country?" (Leader blows out one candle)

"What would the world be like if we each stopped helping people in need?" (Leader blows out more one candle)

"What would the world be like if we each stopped living by the Girl Scout Law?" (Leader blows out one more candle)

"What would the world be like if we choose to be dishonest and self-serving" (Leaders blows out one more candle)

Follow this pattern through the Law, until all candles are blown out and the room is dark. Pause

"If we choose this path, our world becomes very dark." Pause

"But I, _______ make a commitment today to serve God and my country" (Re-light first candle)

"Who else wants to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law?"

Allow the girls to re-light each candle while they say their part of the Promise and Law: "I _____ make a commitment to ________(be honest and fair etc.)

Close with a favorite Girl Scout ceremony song:

On My Honor, Change the World, Girl Scouts Together, When'ere You Make a Promise, or Just One Girl

"May our lights shine and may we brighten our world."

Rhonda Greenlaw
San Diego-Imperial Council, CA


Evening Of Celebration

By Andrea Gibbs

Consultant/Leader-Cypress, California

I decided that I would send you my whole script for our Evening of Celebration because then you could have the whole thing to use as a reference. I can't claim the whole thing as mine because I borrowed parts of it from other ceremonies to come up with something special for the girls. I wanted something special for the new girls because the ceremonies in the Ceremony book aren't very exciting and there wasn't even anything to mark the 5th year in scouts. I also pulled some of the information from Patchwork of Ceremonies.


Without further hesitation:


An Evening of Celebration with Junior Troop #_________


Good Evening and welcome to Junior Troop #_________'s Evening of Celebration.


We will open this special evening with (name of patrol) leading us in a Flag Ceremony. Insert your favorite type of Flag Ceremony here)


In almost all countries and cultures there are ceremonies to mark important events in life - days of celebration, sad days, joyous days, days on which a special commitment is made, days that mark achievement. Girl Scouts, too, have ceremonies to mark important events and significant days. Tonight we are here to affirm and reaffirm our belief in the Girl Scout Promise and Law, honor those girls entering their 5th year in Girl Scouts and to install our patrol leaders and to present Troop#( ) to the community.


Juliette Gordon Low started the Girl Scout Movement in our country on March 12, 1912 over 85 years ago. The girls here this evening are following in her footsteps as they become a unique and caring influence in today and tomorrow's world.


Tying together all the parts of the Promise and serving as its foundation is the fact that we pledge on our honor to try. We try to live by this Promise. We try not to recite it as if it were a group of meaningless words. Tonight let us in complete sincerity dedicate our lives to the principles of the Girl Scout Promise and Law.


Can I please have all the returning Scouts come and join us on the stage at this time. (The girls will form a horseshoe with the "oldest" scouts on one end winding down to the "youngest" scouts on the other) This circle represents the circle of friendship that we have in scouts. As you can see, we have left our circle open. We have left it open because there is always room for one more Girl Scout.


This evening we would like invite (insert girls' names) to come on stage and become a part of this circle. (New girls will stand in the center of the horseshoe with the leaders standing behind them)

"Will each of you now make the Girl Scout sign and together we will make the Girl ScoutPromise."

Troop recites the Promise.

Leader pins the Girl Scout pin on the left side of the uniform or vest. "________, I welcome you to Troop _____. May you wear this pin proudly and always over your heart."

After they receive their pin, they will then join the horseshoe.


Our circle symbolizes the unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world. Girl Scouts is like a golden chain, each girl like a link.

Leaders now hand each girl a piece of gold ribbon, you can decide on how long to make it. (I would recommend at least 8 inches.) Leaders stand at each end of the horseshoe.

The leader nearest the older scouts will start. "I am a link in the golden chain of Girl Scouting. I must work to keep MY link shining and bright." The leader ties her ribbon in a complete circle.

The next Scout repeats the verse and ties her link through the previous link. Upon completion of the links, the leader at the end says. Here is the golden chain of Troop _____, may it always be shiny and bright. (At this time we presented each of the girls with their membership stars so that it was a special evening for the whole troop)

Sing : "May The Circle Be Unbroken" or "Make New Friends"

(Fifth Year Ceremony)

Can I please have (insert names of fifth year scouts here) step forward? This evening marks a milestone in the lives of these fine young ladies. This marks their fifth year in Girl Scouts.

(Insert "Nobody Told Me" reading, Adapt as necessary)

Nobody Told Me

Reader 1: Nobody told me I would really feet part of something so big, so wonderful, that when we said the Promise together tonight that I would mean every word. Will I ever know all the words? You'll learn them, I was told.

Reader 2: Nobody told me that while I worried and fretted about about "doing the right thing at the right time", I would now be looked upon as "knowing all the answers" by the younger scouts. What if they won't listen to me? They'll learn from you, I was told.

Reader 3: Nobody told me I would really have to cook on a campout. "I don't know how to scramble eggs or put up a tent." You'll learn, I was told. Nobody told me that I would really want to go camping again. You'll learn, I was told.

Reader 4: Nobody ever told me that I would become queasy or that my voice would crack when I led the Flag Ceremony. "But, I've never done a flag ceremony, I said. What if I forget the words? You'll learn, I was told.

Reader 5: Nobody told me that the Laws were made to help us become better people. How will I learn to get along with so many girls, we're all so different. You'll learn, I was told.

Leader: Nobody told me that getting to know these girls would be so much fun. Nobody told me, I learned.

In Unison: We are Junior Girl Scouts. Five words, but, behind them, hundreds of feelings and thoughts. We are Girl Scouts because we love the out-of-doors, singing, reading, learning how to make things, and because we enjoy sharing with our friends in Girl Scouting. Nobody told us that we would make so many friends! Nobody told us. We learned.


The leader then says...

I've worked with these scouts
And helped them to grow
I'm sharing them now
But want you to know...


These girls are precious
as precious can be
Love them...take care of them

And you will see


A bright new memory with every day...
They grow in such a special way.


Five years ago...A Daisy
A Brownie...mid-way
Now...A 5th year Scout
Comes home with you tonight.


As dear as can be, though rightfully yours...
Part belongs to Me!!!


Leader pins 5th year pin onto each girl. (Have the girls give you their Scout pin ahead of time so you can already have the chain attached, I also recommend that these girls if they don't already have one get an insignia tab for their pin. It makes things a whole lot easier!) Congratulations _______ on reaching your 5th year in Girl Scouts. I'm proud of you.

(Patrol Leader Installation)

This evening we will install our patrol leaders.

The assistant patrol leaders will present ( Patrol leaders' names) for installation. Each assistant patrol leader walks with her patrol leader to the open end of the horseshoe.

A patrol leader wears a cord on her left shoulder as a sign of her office. The cord has two gold circles that represent the two circles of people the patrol leader serves: her own patrol, and the troop as a whole. Patrol Leaders, will you please repeat after me... "I promise to do my best to live up the troop trust." Girls, do you as members of (patrol names) promise to do our best to be loyal and helpful to your patrol leaders?" Please answer in unison, "We do promise." The assistant patrol leaders will now present the cords.

Repeat after me: "As a patrol leader I will try to lead the patrol to the best of my ability, to keep order in my group at all times, to speak for my patrol and not just for myself, and to do my best to live up to the patrol's trust."

Members of the patrols repeat after me: "As a member of Troop # ___ I will do my best to be loyal and helpful to my patrol leader."

Assistant patrol leaders pin cords on their patrol leaders and give the Girl Scout handshake. They return to the horseshoe.


We will now form our Friendship Circle and sing the song _________.


Repeat the Laws together.


Parents and guests, I now present Troop # _____for the year ______.


Will you please join us for... thank you for coming.

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