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Family Promise

Parents' Promise

Girl Scouts: The Other Eleven Months



Family Promise


On My Honor, I Will:

Share my daughter's new interests

Give her opportunities to practice her skills at home

Show appreciation for the promise and law

Atttend the troop events to which I am invited

Support Girl Scouting by working for and contributing to activities and funds that make

Girl Scouting possible in our community.


Parent's Promise


As a Parent, I Will:

Support my child's leaders and appreciate the time they volunteer for my daughter

and other girls in the troop.

See that my daughter arrives and is picked up on time for all meetings, outings, etc.

Read through all handouts given to me. Sign those needing a signature and return them promtly.

Keep in contact with the leaders. Give them feedback.

Let my daughter know that I consider her participation in

Girl Scouting to be important and special.

Attend parent meetings and group activities.


Girl Scouts: The Other Eleven Months

I say Girl Scouts. What pops into your mind? Cookies? Or strong female leaders? If it was the latter, then I salute you. If it was the former, then listen up. With the end of another cookie sale, Girl Scouts slips from most people’s minds. We appear for one month, provide the world with enough sweets to fuel a trip to Mars, and then disappear.

So, where do we disappear to? Well, this is your lucky day. I am going to reveal to you the top-secret activities of Girl Scouts during the other eleven months out of the year. The things the Daisies, Brownies, Cadettes, Juniors and Seniors do.

Girl Scouts. Where Girls Grow Strong. When Juliette Gorden Low founded Girl Scouts in America in 1912, she founded it to help girls grow in this country. Not to sell cookies. She founded Girl Scouts to give girls something to believe in. The first Girl Scout handbook was not called “How To Sell Ten Billion Cookies” but “How Girls Can Help Their Country.”

For the majority of the year, Girl Scouts the world over participate in a multitude of activities. Everything from Seniors kayaking down the Colorado River to Daisies out on their first camping trip. From ropes courses to decorating mother’s day cards. Girl Scouts provides a safe haven for girls to thrive in. It encourages girls to prosper at what they are good at, and what they enjoy. You like computers? Sailing? Animals? Hiking? Yeah, we’ve got a badge for that.

Girl Scouts are a benefit to any community, and not just for a sugar rush. I belong to the only Senior Troop here, Troop 727. We consist of one fearless leader, one fearful co-leader, and six 11th grade girls. We help out with all the younger troops, we have two adopted graves at the Citizen’s Cemetery, and we recently watched over 40 elementary school kids while their parents were in Parent-Teacher Conferences. We volunteer at our local camp, Willow Springs, whenever we are needed. Troop 727 is at the top of every Girl Scout Leader’s volunteer list. Need anything? Call 727. They’ll do anything.

I recently had the wonderful experience of going to the National Girl Scout Convention in Kansas City. This convention is held every three years, and representatives from every council in the US are there. I went with four other girls to represent our council, Arizona Cactus Pine. I can assure you, we did not sit in that huge arena that held 10,000 Girl Scouts, and discuss cookie strategies. We talked about, and voted on, ways to improve the organization, whose main focus is reaching out to and supporting girls. We talked about more programs for older girls, and we discussed more ways to become active in our communities. Cookies were rarely mentioned, unless we were swapping stories.

Girl Scouts is a world-wide organization fully dedicated to helping girls grow strong. Girl Scouts has taught me how to be a leader. How to set goals and achieve them. It has taught me how to work, and how to communicate. It has taught me how to build a fire, and how to survive in the wilderness with only a flashlight and a piece of tin. It has taught me how to kayak in the ocean and how to hike in the mountains.

It has taught me to be strong. Because I am me, and I am a Girl Scout.

Senior Troop 727


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