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Newspaper Sit-Upon

Materials Needed:

8 full-sized pages of newspaper. (28" across when unfolded)

Plastic grocery bag (optional)

packing or duct tape (optional)


1. Open paper up. Fold in half from bottom to top. Fold in half twice more. You will have a strip about 3" x 28"

2. Make seven more strips.

3. Weave strips together tightly in middle (see picture)

4. Fold end #1 up, over the top of #16, and tuck it in underneath #16. You may have to fold the end over at least once before tucking to get it to lie tight and flat.

5. Repeat process with ends #3,5,7,9,13, and 15, tucking ends under the strips that lie across them. Keep the weaving tight!

6. Carefully turn the sit-upon over and repeat folding and tucking with the remaining loose ends.

Completed sit-upon can be easily folded in half or in quarters for portability. You can also slip it into a plastic grocery and seal it with tape for a waterproof sit-upon. To make a bigger sit-upon, use 12 strips. Practice making this sit-upon before teaching your troop. It can be a tough project for little hands.

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