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Gold Project Ideas

Forwarded by Lisa A. Varner

  • Work with people in your community government to develop a recreational bicycle route.

  • Involve your community in an endeavor to clean up a polluted area.
  • Organize a fair to help people identify volunteer opportunities in the community. Create a directory of organizations that use volunteers.
  • Start a group at school for victims of violence, after recruiting adults to assist as advisers.
  • Write and produce a play that causes people to think about a community problem and to change either themselves or their surroundings to solve the problem.
  • Help organize and sponsor a historical walking tour around the community, using checkpoints and an interpretive map.
  • Create and implement an erosion prevention plan for a favorite park or hiking trail, with help from a soil conservation agency.
  • Plan and coordinate a school or community event that celebrates different cultures through art, dance, song, costume, and food.
  • Organize a drive to collect used radios, and establish a place where the homeless can obtain free radios, batteries and headsets.

Forwarded by Beverly E. Benner

  • Girls hosted a badge workshop for Brownies (they earned a Try-It)
  • Girls put together a song book of popular Council songs and a tape to go with it (a *very* helpful tool for new leaders)
  • Helped new library with cataloging of books
Last Modified: 08/21/97

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