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Silver Project Ideas

From: Tammi Fox - Monument Service Unit

I have a few silver award ideas that might be ok for you and your girls...

  1. Plan a camporee for the whole service unit as a troop. It will take a lot of time, dedication and it might help the girls with their leadership skills also. You could plan a camporee with sports and crafts or even an entire weekend with just "hard work". It is a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun. This is part of what my troop did. If you want ideas you can email me or write to me here.
  2. Talk to your local school (elemantary) and have a reading program. Once a week for a few months or so have your girls go to a local school after they get out and help kids with their reading and their homework. You would need permission slips and things like that, but that also could be fun. (we did this too.. : ) )
  3. Plan a Brownie Day, for all the Brownies in your service unit, it can be full of camping ideas and things like that. It can help girls get prepared for camping and the next few years to come of Girl Scouting.
  4. Have a Drug Program. We did this with the local police a few years ago and it was awesome. We sent out invitations to certain people, Mayor, the local Principals of schools and all the girls from all the trrops were there. It was a lot of fun and we did little things to make it better. It was hard, but you just involve the DARE people if it is in your area and if not, ask police an they have a drug box and most of the time are more then willing to help.

Hope my ideas are ok, I always have tons, so you can ask.
Cindy Rio

During the past four years I have worked with Cadettes and Senior Scouts in the Paisano Girl Scout Council in south Texas. Some of the really good Silver Awards have included:
Designing a walking historic patch for the girl's home town; Having a dinner for the leaders on Leader's Day or during Girl Scout week; Designing and making puppets for a day care center Making gifts for residents at a nursing home Planning and implementing an event for Girl Scouts Planing and implementing a try-it day for brownies where each Brownie earns a specific try-it

I realize this isn't too many, but hopefully this will get you started. I have found that once a few are suggested that they really get excited and come up with much better ideas of their own.

Remember that if the girls do the work as a group they each need to document the amount of time spent on their portion.
Good luck.
Cindy Rio
Corpus Christi,TX

Lynn Whited

"My daughters project was setting up two educational displays (one at council environmental center, one at Cornell's Lab of Ornithology - later moved to the Cayuga Nature Center) concerning Barn Owls (Threatened in NY state). She also mounted two for use in suitable habitat. She got donations of the materials needed from local lumber yards. A Junior troop helped her build four nest boxes. And she contacted the appropriate people to set up the displays and mount the boxes. Her advisor was a local wildlife rehabilitator.

Other projects from her troop have included, making place mats (laminated- for easy cleaning) for the Special Children's School. Collecting food for the local SPCA, and educating people about the problems of unwanted pets. Making alphabet books for pre schoolers in head start. The key is to show leadership, all these girls helped organize other girls to get the project done. They did not do all the work themselves."

Gail Branum

" I'd like to thank each and every one of you that helped in my quest for Silver Award project ideas. My girls now have a very wide variety of former projects that have worked for others, and they can use these ideas to springboard to some of their own. A lot of these ideas were posted here, but just as many came directly to me at home. Because so many people may have missed some of the previous postings, I am going to briefly list all the ideas I have received. Hope this helps some other girls and troops. For the sake of simplicity I have stated them as 1-line ideas. Good Luck!"

Gail Branum
Columbia River GS Council

1. Design a walking historic patch for your home town.
2. Have a dinner for the leaders on Leader's Day or during Girl Scout Week.
3. Design and make puppets for s day care center.
4. Make gifts for residents at a nursing home.
5. Plan and implement an event for other Girl Scouts.
6. Plan and implement a Try-It day for Brownies.
7. Set up an educational display for the general public on a local matter (environmental, etc).
8. Making laminated placemats for a special group (Blind school, handicapped school, etc.)
9. Collecting food for the Humane Society and educating the public about unwanted pets.
10. Making alphabet books for pre-schoolers in Head Start.
11. An International Faire for the Service Unit.
12. A special Daisy event.
13. Create a local "patch" about your council.
14. Plan the annual Service Unit campout.
15. Plan and conduct a Brownie campout for all troops.
16. Learn to quilt, crochet, or knit, then teach it to others to make something for a local group.
17. Build and decorate bookcases and fill them with donated books for a shelter, Head Start, etc.
18. Start an after-school homework helper for younger kids.
19. Organize a 1-day event with science/math activities.
20. Establish an old-fashioned herb garden or touch, smell, feel garden at a park.
21. Organize a 1-day hiking/outdoor adventure day for disabled youth.
22. Organize a Seniors Prom.
23. Prepare an illustrated what to do book for the area that includes kids activities, walking tours, annual events, fun things to do and see, local history, etc.
24. Organize a monthly dance for disabled youth/adults in the community.
25. Organize a girls career day.
26. Pack boxes of food collected for the local food bank.
27. Work with residents of the local VA hospital.
28. Make an educational video on proper display, care, and disposal of the American flag.
29. Conduct a bike safety program with the local schools.
30. Put together a book and game cart for a homeless shelter.
31. Plan and organize a tree-planting weekend at a local park.
Last Modified: 08/21/97

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