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Baby Food Jar Crafts

Stained Glass Votive

Paste on squares of tissue with liquid starch or diluted glue. For a glossy look, add another coat of glue (or shellac) when dry. Place votive candle inside to complete project.

Floral Arrangements

You could sponge paint the outside of them and put some floral clay in the bottom and do some small floral arrangements for residents at a nursing home or at a senior center!

Sand Jars

Layer colored sand in jar. Use a toothpick to make lines in it. Fill jar to top with sand and tap the jar gently so that sand settles. Add more sand as needed. Screw on cap. For a fancier project, paint the cap or cover it with fabric and tie with rafia.

Potpourri Holders

Fill them with potpourri and cover top with netting or lace for mother's day gift.

Root Viewer

Plant beans in them close to the edge so you can see them grow.

Snow Globes

Purchase tiny plastic Christmas ornaments.. Have the girls glue them to the inside of the lid. Fill each jar with baby oil and about a teaspoon of glitter. Screw on the lid. Seal tightly. Shake the jar and the snow will fall on the ornaments inside the jar. You can hot glue a piece of felt or ribbon to the outside of the lid or paint them before assembly.

Advent Calendar

Glue jars together like this:


You will have a tree of 25 jars to fill with little trinkets and use as an Advent calendar. If you punch a hole in the lids, you can use them to hold a small string of lights for a lighted tree (turn lids to back).

Bath Salts

Epsom salts
food coloring
fragrance (ex:scented oils)

Fill a baby food jar with salts, add just a few drops of coloring and oil screw on the lid, and shake to mix. Add a label and put a pretty covering on the jar lid.

Finger Paint

1/4 cup cornstarch
2 cups cold water
food coloring

Mix ingredients in saucepan. Boil until mixture thickens. Cool, pour into containers. To make several colors, double the recipe but omit food coloring. Fill the jars and then add coloring to each jar.

Giggle Jars

Use standard "wide mouth" jars for best results. With the lid on the jar, glue two large or three small cotton balls to the lid of the jar. Then run a bead of tacky glue around the edge of the lid. Next cover with a 4 to 6 inch square of pretty cloth. Hold in place with a rubber band. Before the glue is set, slide the cloth around to "even out" the folds and pleats. Once glue is dry, take lid off the jar and use scissors to trim the cloth flush with the bottom edge of the lid. Remove the rubberband and trim the edge of the lid with lace, rickrack, or narrow ribbon or rafia.

Print up the following sayings onto a sheet of paper (For 20, use a 4 by 5 cell table, 8 pt font, set page orientation to landscape):

You say this jar is empty,
Well take another look!
This jar is filled with giggles,
In every little nook.
I put them there for you to save,
For when your life seems low.
So open up when times are sad,
And let my giggles flow.

Cut out each verse, if you have printed several. Punch a hole in one corner. Tie a short piece of ribbon to each tag. Have the girls take the lid off a jar hold it close to her mouth and "giggle" into each jar. Then quickly replace the lid, pinching the tags ribbon in the jar.

Sediment Jars

Take a combination of sand, soil, some bits of gravel, and put it in the jar (fill about 1/3 to 1/2 way full). Then fill the rest with water and glue-gun the cover. When you shake it everything gets all mixed up, then slowly the different strata of soil, gravel, etc., settle out. It's fun to watch and demonstrates the principles of suspension and sedimentation.

Individual Ice Cream

Pour the ice cream mix into a jar and close the lid tightly (leave some room for expansion when it freezes) Place two baby food jars into a coffee can filled with ice and rock salt. Then do the shaking thing - the school kids rolled it back and forth between each other. After about 10 minutes it was frozen and each child has their own serving of ice cream.

Need more ideas for small jars? Go to Baby Food Jar Crafts on Pinterest!

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