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Recycled Lei

Materials per project:

  • 3 plastic grocery bags (any color except tan), thinner plastic makes a fluffier lei.
  • 3 plastic straws
  • string
  • heavyweight needle


  1. Cut 36" length of string (shorter for a haku, or head lei)
  2. Cut straws into 1-1 1/2" segments
  3. Cut as many 3 1/2" squares as possible out of each plastic bag
  4. put two squares together, fold or roll into cone (square to triangle, triangle in half and half twice more)
  5. Holding the point of the cone, cut opposite end into rounded shape
  6. Unfold the cone one time, and push threaded needle through the cone, halfway between the point and the cut edge.
  7. Repeat the process with more plastic squares, do not thread them too tightly, as you will need space to fluff them out
  8. You can fluff out the flowers as you go, but it's easier to wait until you are finished threading the flowers
  9. After 4 or 5 flowers, add a straw segment as spacer bead.
  10. Tie ends of string together when lei reaches the desired size.
  11. Fluff each flower, gently separating the flower layers.

You can also use tissue paper, but stay out of the rain!


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