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Wizard of Oz Theme

Idea Notebook

The following ideas were compiled from discussions on the Girl Scout/Guide Leaders Forum. They can be adapted to fit any kind of special event like a lock-in overnight, a weekend camping theme, a leader-daughter pajama party, or even a series of themed meetings. One service unit even turned it into a 5-day camping event!


  • Have girls come dressed as their favorite Oz character. Hold a contest for best costume, best make-up, most original, scariest, etc.
  • Have Oz memorabilia on hand and volunteer to talk about the dolls
  • Watch Wizard of Oz video and do something unique for certain scenes. Blow bubbles every time Glinda the Good Witch is on. Link arms and skip around the room when "We're off to see the wizard" is sung, eat rainbow candy (chex mix with M&Ms or fruit loops) every time "Somewhere over the rainbow" is played.
  • Play Oz Trivia game
  • Movers Try-It (Wizard's hot air balloon)
  • Working It Out - (Miss Gulch)
  • Puppets, Dolls & Plays (characters)
  • Make snow globes of their own magical lands over the rainbow
  • Paint a "over the rainbow" wall mural
  • Play games with colorful parachute
  • Experiment with natural dyes, either bringing items from home or dye pinecones. If you throw the pinecones in the fire, it turns your fire colors. Berries=red, Sap or daisies=yellow.
  • Experiment with mixing oil and colored water. They can make a rainbow and then transplant it on paper. You can make a rainbow out of the sun and teach them how to bend or cut it.
  • Creative Composing "One day my house was caught up in a tornado and I fell into a land of magic, where" and have them make up their very own land of Oz.
  • Art to Wear - red glitter on tennis shoes for ruby slippers.
  • Dancercize - aerobics and make-up-your-own dances to Wizard of Oz soundtrack or broadway's "The Wiz"
  • Have many stations set up along the Yellow Brick road:

Emerald City

    • Have Emerald City Make-overs curling hair, fingernail painting, etc. tie in to good grooming discussions. Invite Mary Kay or Avon reps, hair stylists, etc.
    • Have an Emerald City building contest. Give everyone piles of green jello jiggler squares and whipped cream. Take a picture of the winning city, then dig in!
    • Grow-your-own crystals, easiest would be sugar or alum crystals.

Munchkin Land

    • Teach dancing (ballet, simple country line dancing, square dancing, or even a little hip hop)
    • Draw or make your own munchkin

Corn Field (crows find Scarecrow)

    • Teach songs and games to "keep the crows away". You can really use any games or songs
    • Have scarecrow making station
    • Have scarecrow (pillowcase) stuffing contest
    • Co-op games challenge the girls thnking skills (scarecrow used his brain) like relay. For example, you give each team a number of items like a tricycle , an old sleeping bag, two jump ropes, and tree balls.. You let them figure out how to reach the finish line. The teams must get all of the items plus all of the girls to the finish line without touching the ground.
    • Make scarecrow dolls out of real straw or yarn
    • Outdoor Living Skills: fire safety (scarecrow will burn if he's caught on fire)
    • Rubbings - draw an outline of a scarecrow. Have each girl find 4 different objects to rub onto paper.

Apple Orchard (tin man and mean old trees)

    • Tin etching or paintings - cover a paper plate with tin foil; give each girl a toothpick to etch her own design; paint
    • Make pollution catchers and teach them about a life of a tree
    • Teach the girls about the rings of a tree
    • Include other nature ideas such as habitat games, nature crafts, building a mini terrarium or even a bug net.
    • Drama - Give each group of girls a brown bag. Put different items in the bag. Make sure to include tin foil and a heart and an apple. Throw a few extra things in the bag. Every item must be used and they must come up with a skit. Help them along, but let them do everything themselves.

Woods (scary woods where they meet the lion)

    • Teach outdoor living skills, like hiking, hiking safety and first aid
    • Teach fire building and safety
    • Make mini first-aid kits
    • Practice first-aid on each other
    • Knife safety (the tin man's axe)
    • Build edible fires - graham cracker for the ground, ten M&M's for the
      fire circle, tootsie roll for the fuel, pretzels as kindling, chocolate sprinkles for tinder, two candy corns to represent the fire
    • Make knots
    • Dancersize Try-It: Animal moves (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)
    • Take a theme hike (color or alphabet hike)
    • Outdoor Fun Try-It activities (eco scavenger hunts, rubbings, etc.)
    • Make bead lions
    • Make lion masks
    • Obstacle Course: Since the lion is finding his courage, let them complete an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt to find courage.
    • Watching Wildlife (Lions,tigers and bears-oh my)
    • Face Paint- Let them be creative and let them try face painting like a lion. Let them draw noses, whiskers or anything else to be imaginative.

Poppy Field

    • Have girls each plant a flower in the poppy field, using egg cartons and cut out individuals and let them plant a seed to take home and watch it grow or if you are allowed to plant on site help to beautify your camp.


  • Emerald City emeralds (green jello jigglers cut into squares) Animal crackers (lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)
  • Poppy seed muffins (Remember the poppy field)
  • Lollipops (lollipop kids)
  • Apples (The apple fight with the trees)
  • If you are using ice in your drinks, add yellow food coloring to the water and you have your yellow bricks
  • Toto on a Bun (hot dogs)
  • Crow's Delight (corn on the cob)
  • Corn-dogs
  • Monkey Bread (the monkeys of course)
  • Witches Brew
  • Wizard of Oz S'mores using Wizard of Oz marshmallows or rainbow vanilla wafers (both available now in some stores)
  • Water (call your cups buckets)(I'm melting)
  • Scarecrow Stuffing (thin sliced French Fries)
  • Auntie Em's Famous Potato Salad
  • STRAWberries
  • Yellow Bricks (Yellow Cake cut in square)
  • Rainbow Surprise (different color jellos)
  • Munchkin Cookies (Those little Elf cookies)
  • Monkey Magic (Bananas)
  • Lion Tails - roast marshmallows, then dip into chocolate and toasted coconut
  • Tin Man Cakes (heart shaped pancakes)
  • "Ding Dongs" the Witch is Dead? Adding an upside chocolate sugar cone to make her hat?
  • Twinkies for yellow bricks

Additional Resources

  • January/February American Girl Magazine 1998 has several food ideas including Witches Brew, Emerald Green Punch, make-your-own Tin Man Ice Cream Sundaes, and Cowardly Lion pancakes
  • Internet sites:

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