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Swap Pins

  • Trefoil Pin
  • S'more
  • Reindeer Puzzle Pin
  • Snowman Pin
  • Polar Bear Pin/Necklace
  • Bead Angel Pin
  • Angel Pins
  • Bear Pin
  • Mouse Pin
  • Do a Good Turn Daily Pin
  • Valentine Pins
  • Love Stamp Pins
  • Go Fish Swap
  • Frying Pan
  • Canteen
  • Worm
  • Bed Roll
  • Ice
  • TP
  • Tacos
  • Marshmallow
  • Mini Sit-Upons
  • SWAPs on Pinterest

  • Trefoil Pin

    10 1-inch gold or silver safety pins
    65 gold, blue or white seed beads
    25 green seed beads....

    1st and 2nd pins - 10 gold beads
    3rd - 4 gold, 3 green, 3 gold
    4th - 2 gold, 6 green, 2 gold
    5th - 2 gold, 7 green, 1 gold
    6th - 2 gold, 6 green, 2 gold
    7th - 4 gold, 3 green, 3 gold
    8th & 9th - 10 gold beads.
    Put all filled pins (in order) on 10th pin.

    Pattern can also used on bead loom


    cardboard backing to attach pin to beige and dark brown felt
    cotton ball
    felt tip pen
    Tacky glue or glue gun

    Cut a 1"x 1" piece of cardboard (or cereal box) and glue a pin to one side. Layer #1 is a 1"x1" piece of beige felt over the cardboard (on opposite side of pin) so the cardboard doesn't show (this is the bottom graham cracker). Layer #2 is a square piece of dark brown felt (for the chocolate layer) a bit smaller than the beige square. Layer #3 is a cotton ball stretched out to be the marshmallow. Layer #4 is a smaller beige felt square (cut with pinking shears or regular scissors) with felt pen dots on top to be the top layer of graham cracker. Glue each layer to the next; glue guns work the best, but tacky glue works well too. Be sure tacky glue is completely dry before wearing or they all fall off.

    Reindeer Puzzle Pin

    3 small puzzle pieces painted brown (One piece is the face, the other 2 glued behind like antlers) Glue wiggle eyes on face piece Paint red nose on tip of face piece Paint little holly leaves and berries on one of the antler pieces. Glue pin on back

    Snowman Pin

    Paint craft stick (or tongue depressor for larger version) white Top tip painted black. Cut a round piece of black felt with a slit in the middle Slip over black end and glue front of felt to stick Draw or paint eyes and mouth black, orange triangle nose Tie a thin strip of fabric or ribbon for scarf Glue pin on back

    Polar Bear Pin/Necklace

    White Sculpey clay cut out with 2" bear cookie cutter. Before baking stick safety pin into back. Paint on face and little holly leaves and berries on one leg. Varnish for a shiny look. Add little tiny bow on neck. Run gold cord through pin for necklace.

    Bead Angel Pin

    On thin wire string 7 pearl beads, run ends of wire back through. Add next row 6 beads. Each row has one less bead. String one larger pearl for head. Twist wires together and string tiny gold beads for halo. Make loop with gold bead part. On separate wire make a circle of gold beads and twist into wings. Glue on back with hot glue and add a pin (Use larger beads to make tree ornaments and glue cord to back)

    Angel Pins

    Styrofoam meat trays
    Cookie cutter

    Use the cookie cutter as a pattern- trace outline on the styrofoam Bake at 350 on foil covered cookie sheet. Watch carefully, they melt fast, they will curl up and down, when flat remove from oven. They can be colored with markers before or after baking Attach pin to back.

    Bear Pin

    Materials (per bear):
    1 large (about 1 " diameter) pompom in black or brown 2 smaller (about ") pompoms to match the large one
    1 even smaller (about ") beige or tan pompom for snout
    2 googly eyes (4mm size)
    Tweezers 1 pin back
    1 oval of black (or brown) felt to hold pin back to pompom
    Tiny scrap of black felt for nose, cut into sort of a rounded triangle shape
    Tacky Glue Glue Gun

    Glue them together, two ears positioned atop head, then eyes (tweezers help), then snout, then nose on the tip of snout. (Tip: use a good amount of glue and really squeeze those pompoms together when gluing for a bear that will hold together well.) Adults can pre-assemble the pin back to the felt oval using a glue gun - then the girls can just glue the felt piece to the back of the bear head after the face is done. You can use yarn, ribbon or felt to make hair bows and bow ties to dress them up.

    Mouse Pin

    Materials (per mouse):
    1 large (about 1 " diameter) tan pompom
    2 googly eyes (4mm size)
    1 pin back
    Brown felt cut into the following shapes:
    1 oval to hold pin back to pompom
    2 circular (about " diameter) pieces for ears
    1 long narrow piece for tail (2" to 3")
    Tiny scrap for nose, cut into a rounded triangle shape
    Tacky Glue
    Glue gun to attach pin back securely

    Glue them together, two ears positioned at top, then eyes, nose and tail. It helps to "part" the "fur" slightly before trying to insert the ears and tail, you get a better bond that way.) Adults can pre-assemble the pin back to the felt oval using a glue gun

    Do a Good Turn Daily Pin

    Materials (per pin):
    Ribbon (1/4" or 1/8")
    7 pony beads (red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, green, white (or clear, or glow-in-the-dark))
    Safety pin

    Measure the ribbon to about 20" long. Fold the ribbon in half and tie an overhand knot a little way down from the top (to hold the safety pin) Slide your first bead on one ribbon strand, and then push the other strand up from the bottom of the bead. When you pull the ribbons snug, the bead will be sideways. Continue with the rest of the beads and tie another overhand knot about an inch below the bottom bead.

    To Use:
    You pin it on your shirt. When you do your good deed for the day you slide a bead to the bottom. By the end of the week, if you've done your good deeds every day, all 7 beads should be at the bottom. The colors are for the 5 worlds of interest, plus green for GS and glow-in-the-dark because it's cool:)

    Valentine Pins

    Heart shaped candy molds
    Plaster of Paris
    bar or safety pins
    Washable markers, paints, glitter, or other decorations
    Glue gun or craft glue

    Directions: Mix Plaster of Paris according to instructions. With a spoon, fill molds with Plaster of Paris. Let set till firm. Remove from mold and let dry, preferable 24 hours before coloring them. The girls can decorate them in any fashion they prefer. Glue pins onto back of heart. If you have some narrow lace, you can glue that onto the back for an extra frill. For an interesting effect, color with markers while the plaster is still a bit damp (it will feel cool). The colors will bleed into each other, and it looks really cool.

    Love Stamp Pins

    "Love" stamps (from your local Post Office)
    Clear Contact or laminating plastic sheets
    Pin backs
    Glue (hot glue recommended)

    Make a sandwich with one stamp and two stamp-sized pieces of plastic. Trim neatly. Glue pin back to reverse side.

    You can use other stamps, too. Visit a stamp dealer for low-cost discards or ask girls to bring in used stamps from home. (The envelope backing will give the stamp a little extra body.)

    Go Fish Swap

    Construction paper
    Thread or fishing line
    Drinking straws
    Pin backs

    Cut 2 or 3 small fish shapes; draw on a mouth, eyes and scales. Punch a hole near the mouth of each fish. Tie some thread on to each fish. For the pole take 1/3 of a regular drinking straw and poke a small hole in the end. Thread fishing line through the hole. Glue a pin back to the straw.

    Frying Pan

    Cut film canister down to 1/4" deep leave long strip 1/4" wide attached for handle. Bend the "handle" back slightly. Glue in yellow, white and brown felt scraps for bacon and eggs. Thread string through "handle" to make necklace or attach pin to back. Canteen

    Glue together two gray lids from film canisters, glue ribbon around the outside, leaving a loop for a handle, glue pony bead on top of circle for a canteen.


    Wrap fuzzy green pipe cleaner around a twig (put pin on end of stem before wrapping), add one or two small eyes, maybe a red pom-pom for a nose and you have a worm on a twig.

    Bed Roll

    Cut felt in a rectangle, roll up and tie with string for a bed-roll.


    Rock salt in a piece of clear plastic tied off with a twist for a bag of ice.


    Wrap and glue a 1/4"-1/2" strip of paper on to a straw leaving a little flap hanging, cut it off, string it on to a loop of string for a camp TP swap


    Brown felt circle folded in half with green lettuce felt, yellow cheese, and red tomato.


    White cotton on a small stick for a marshmallow on a twig.

    Mini Sit-Upons

    Scraps left over from sit-upon making cut to make tiny sit-upons

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