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Seasonal Crafts Page 2

Ornaments - Christmas Bells

From: Linda Hochstetler
Ages: Daisy, Brownies


  • Red, Green Solo Cups
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Pipe Cleaner-red, white, green
  • Bells

Put a small hole in the top of the solo cup. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and place the loop side out and the 2 open ends inside the cup. With these two ends, tie a bell on. Take the glue and spread evenly on the solo cup, sprinkle glitter. I found one color to be the best. Let dry. Date and sign the inside of the cups.

I found these to be beautiful on the tree or as mantle decor. Red makes pretty bells. My daughter made each grandparent a set of six bells for xmas and they went over well. A good family tradition for each year.

Ornaments - Drum

From: Kathy Franda
Ages: All


  • Plastic lid from hairspray, spray starch, etc.
  • Red or green burlap - depending on the size of you lid - enough to fold over the top inside of the lid.
  • Off-white muslin - 4" square (or enough to hang over the lid about 1" on all sides.
  • Gold cord
  • 2 gold beads
  • Toothpick - round
  • Silk holly leaf
  • Fishing line
  • Fabric Stiffner

1. Take burlap and dip in stiffener. Squeeze out excess and lay out on wax paper.
2. Set lid on burlap so you can bring sides of burlap up over edge of lid and fold over to inside. Let dry.
3. Take the muslin square and dip it in stiffener, squeeze out and lay it over the top of another lid without burlap - Let dry. ( Don't put the wet muslin on the wet burlap. It will fade.) This is to mold the shape without having wet muslin touch colored burlap.
4. Wait until both are dry - then use glue gun and glue molded muslin top to the bottom burlap drum.
5. Take gold cord and wrap around the top of the drum and tie in a bow.
6. Break the toothpick in half and glue a gold bead on the end of each pick. These make the drumsticks. Glue them on the top of the drum and then glue holly leaf over bare end of sticks.
7. Attach fish line to the gold cord so you can make a loop to hang it on the tree.

Ornaments - Mittens

From: Deb Morrow / Foot Hills Girl Scout Council Central NY

This one is real easy and is real cute! Cut out 4 mitten pieces out of cloth. Old plaid wools look the best. Have the girls stitch around the mitten on the wrong side, leaving the top open. Turn right side out. Stuff with fiberfill. Sew a piece of chord so that the two mittens are connected. Turn down the open part of the mittens and stitch closed. Add decorations, lace, ribbon, holly, sequins etc.. These make great Christmas decorations.

Ornaments - Mouse

From: Sue Moore-Vest
Ages: Daisies & up if adults cut the felt, otherwise adjust age accordingly


  • Felt (red & green or pink & grey)
  • googly eyes
  • very small black pompoms
  • individually wrapped candy canes
  • Light weight cardboard to make pattern
  • craft glue
  • scissors

1) Making pattern -Each mouse will consist of two pieces, a tear drop-shaped body about 4 inches long, and an oval-shaped ear piece about the same length. The ears are easiest to cut if you cut a rectangle 3 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide then round both ends. The widest part of the body should be about 2 inches wide.

2) Cutting out mice - Once you have the pattern pieces cut out of a light-weight cardboard or posterboard, you can have girls trace them onto the felt. Bodies go on grey or green, and ears go on pink or red. If working with younger girls, you may want to trace and cut these yourself. Once the mouse is cut out, you will cut two parallel slits about 1/2 to 3/4 inches long and beginning about 1 inch behind the tip of the teardrop. They should be about 3/8 inch apart. These are you ear slits.

3) Decorating mice faces - The tip of the teardrop will be the mouse's nose. Glue a small black pompom here. Slightly above the nose, glue two googly eyes.

4) Inserting the ears and the candy cane - Working from the top of the mouse, insert the ears down one slit and up the other. The ears will be on top except for the middle portion that is underneath. Flip the mouse over. Insert the straight end of the candy cane through this bit of ear. Pull ears to tighten up and hold candy cane in place. Mouse can now be hung up by his tail.

I hope this is not too confusing for you. Once you make one, they go together very easily and quickly. For anyone who is totally baffled, e-mail me for my address, and I will send you a mouse (minus candy cane) for an SASE.

Ornaments - Puzzle Piece

From: Rene Brown - GS Colonial Coast
Ages: All


  • old cardboard puzzle pieces (larger sizes for younger children)
  • gold or silver paint
  • Assorted tulip or similar paints (eg color point)
  • white glue
  • gold cord

Cut a piece of gold cord long enough for hangar. Place two puzzle pieces down, side by side. Center hangar & glue shut with a third puzzle piece centered over bottom two pieces (do not use glue gun). After it has dried paint pieces desired color on both sides (you can paint first then glue if that is easier). When this has dried then decorate with dots and swirls of color paint (white, black & red are most effective)

Use puzzles pieces that show greenery. Laid down in an overlapping wreath shape and then glue. Trim with red bow, etc.

Ornaments - "Quilted"

From: Rosemary Speers
Ages: All


  • styrofoam balls (about 3")
  • small scraps of fabric
  • plastic knives

Position a small scrap of fabric on the styrofoam ball. Press the edges of the fabric into the styrofoam using the plastic knife blade. Try to make it secure and not leave edges hanging out. Then, position another scrap of fabric directly next to the first, and press in the edges. Continue until the styrofoam ball is completely covered in a "patchwork" design.

You can put a ribbon on the ball by using a couple of long straight pins to hold down the edges of the ribbon. Then put a hook through the ribbon loop.

Added comment from Kathy Franda: You can also make a pumpkin this way using orange fabric or orange paper twist. To finish the top make a green stem and green paper twist leaves or use fake ones and make some green twisty things by wrapping green wire around a pencil. (Hope that made sense!)

Ornaments - Santa

From: Katherine Faella
Ages: All


  • Poster board or oaktag
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Black felt
  • Movable eyes (optional)

From the poster board or oaktag cut out snowmen shapes. We made outs about 7-8 inches tall, with 3 ball shapes (for head, chest and lower body). Be sure to include the outline of a hat and boots. Cut out hats and boots from the black felt. The girls can then glue on the hat and boots. The cotton balls are glued on to the body of the snowman. The face can be decorated with markers and/or the movable eyes can be added. We had some children (did this in Sunday School) skip the cotton balls and just decorate their snowman. Punch a hole in the top of the head, and run a string thru it to make it hangable. These were quite cute!! and simple.

Ornaments - Snowflake

From: Jill Diewald
Ages: All


  • 1 styrofoam ball about 3/4 or 1 inch diameter
  • 10-15 round wood toothpicks
  • snow spray (one can for about 8 ornaments)
  • a straight pin with a head
  • elastic thread
  • glitter
  • newspaper to cover the table with

Tie a piece of elastic thread to the straight pin for the hanger. Stick the toothpicks into the ball all around to make a snowflake. Spray the creation with the snow spray. It works better to put about 5 snowflakes close together and to spray them all at once. You must turn them over to spray all sides. Then, while they are still wet sprinkle them with glitter. Let dry. Stick pin with hanger in ball. Enjoy.

Only the snow spray and glitter is messy. Either have a leader do it or watch them very carefully. If you spray one ornament at a time it wastes snow since most of it ends up on the table (make sure you cover it with lots of newspaper). That's why I suggest putting about 5 snowflakes close together and then spraying them all at once.

These really come out nice. It takes overnight to dry though. Have a plastic bag for each girl to bring it home in. Otherwise they drip all over the floor!

Pilgrim Hats Favors

From: Connie Irby
Ages: All


  • Paper Cup
  • black, blue and orange construction paper
  • black yarn
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • small treats

Cut the bottom out of a paper cup. Brush blue on the outside of the cup and wrap the cup in black yarn until it is completely covered. Cut a circle from the black paper 1/2" to 1" larger than the rim of the cup.
This circle will be the brim of the hat. Glue the cup to the brim so that the cut-out bottom of the cup is now the top as the hat. Cut a blue hatband and an orange buckle and glue them in place. When the hat is dry, fill it with small treats.
Our troop is making these to take to a local homeless shelter to give to the children there who don't often get treats.

Popsicle Reindeer

From: Linda Blaser
Ages: Brownies & Juniors


  • 3 popsicle sticks
  • 1 red pompom
  • 2 gogglie eyes
  • 1/8" wide green ribbon
  • glue

The popsicle sticks are glued together so that one corner of the triangle meets point to point. At the other 2 corners you will want the sticks to cross over (about 1" of each stick jutting out beyond the other stick) and form antlers. The red pom pom is glued on the together corner to form a nose. The 2 eyes are glued on the stick opposite the nose. The ribbon is used to form a hanger for the reindeer.

My aunt has used these as a fund raiser.

Pumpkin Pot Bell

From: Kathy Franda
Ages: All


  • Clay Pot( 4" or 6")
  • black paint
  • green twine
  • up to 4 bells for each pot

Take a clay pot and place upside down on newspaper. Paint a halloween pumpkin face on one or both sides. Let dry. Cut a length of green twine and loop in half and then half again (You now have 4 equal lengths). Feed through hole in top and tie a knot on both sides of pot hole so that the twine cannot slide back and forth. (The top loop of twine above the pot is for hanging.)
Slide one bell on each of the bottom pieces of twine (Cut bottom loop) so that it hits the pot. Knot to hold the bell.

Readers Digest Christmas Tree

From: Bonnie Sedore
Ages: Junior level up


  • Readers Digest magazine
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Spray paint( green, gold, or silver)

Remove both covers from magazine. Take the upper right hand corner of the first page & bring it down so that the top edge of the page rest against the glued binding of the magazine. Now crease this first fold, carefully. Again take this page &fold it over until the crease rests against the glued binding of the magazine. Crease second fold. Finally fold the triangle (that overlaps the bottom of the magazine) upward so it will be even with the bottom of the book, crease it. The first page is finished continue folding & creasing the remaining pages. When the magazine is completely folded glue the front & back pages together. Paint tree, add glitter while wet add star to top.

Reindeer Pin or Magnet

From : MrsFossil


  • 3 puzzle pieces
  • two small google eyes
  • thin green thread
  • very tiny little beads (a little larger than the indian beads) preferably without holes
  • brown paint (super glossy)
  • mod podge (this will seal your paint and make it glossy if your paint wasn't)
  • very tiny red pom pom or ball for a nose
  • pin backs or magnets

One puzzle is the nose/face section, take the other two pieces and glue on top of this piece on the upper right and the upper left. Paint. Mod podge if the paint is not shiny. Glue on the eyes, then on the right and left puzzle pieces (which are now the antlers) glue the little colored balls (these represent light bulbs) on, then glue the string from bulb to bulb to make it appear like a strand of lights. Then glue on tine red pom pom. Attach pin or magnet to back.

Reindeer Snacks

From: Jeannie Dixon / Council of Apalachee Bend
Ages: Appropriate for all, but the Brownies really like it; we've used at the retirement/nursing home as well where it was a big hit.


  • picture of Santa's reindeer (all or just one or some; can find in Christmas coloring books usually)
  • plastic sandwich bags
  • oatmeal
  • ribbon

Copy the picture of the reindeer onto half a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper; type or write a message ("Sprinkle this with care, my dear, for Santa's hungry reindeer" {or some similar message!}) on the card -- this half sheet of paper will be folded in half with the picture on the outside and the message on the inside; put about a tablespoon of oatmeal into the sandwich bag and shake it down into one corner; twirl the bag closed (I like to staple it to be sure it stays closed) and tie a curly ribbon around the top; the bag should look 'something' like a big raindrop; staple the bag to the card. This then is given to the girls, the nursing home residents, etc. with the instructions to carefully sprinkle it out on the lawn on Christmas Eve. It is sure to attract the reindeer and Santa will have to stop!

I have done this for several years, and distribute this to the children in the neighborhood as well. My sister (who gave me the idea) uses it with her children. After her children have done this and gone to bed, her husband goes out into the yard and scatters the oatmeal, makes 'paw prints' and leaves sleigh marks in the yard.. The kids are so excited the next morning!

Sandpaper Gingerbread People

From: JaneAlive
Ages: Easy but it kept my first graders busy


  • Fine grade sandpaper works best
  • 3" Gingerbread cookie cutter (to trace)

Trace and cut approx. 3" gingerbread people and have ready for girls. Have the girls decorate with glitter, crayons and glue on a neck ribbon. We will then string these together as a garland and give them to our corporate sponsor to decorate his lunchroom at his business.

Snow Globes

From: Barbara Van Dyke
Ages: Brownie 6-9 or Junior 9-12


  • baby food jars
  • permafrost glitter (solid white color, two 3/4 oz. packages was plenty for my 18 girls)
  • mini ornaments--I found some plastic ones at a dollar store in a package of 12 or so (each girl will need a couple of mini ornaments)
  • glue gun
  • epoxy cement
  • water

Glue the mini ornaments to the inside of the lid of the clean baby food jar. Let the glue set for a while before continuing. Fill the jar with water and sprinkle in some of the permafrost glitter. Apply some of the epoxy around the rim of the jar. Screw on the lid and shake.

We did have some problem with the ornaments coming unglued after the cap was sealed on. I think this may have been caused by not letting the glue dry completely. We did this in small groups at a time (Brownies), with an adult handling the glue guns. It didn't require much effort from the girls, but they got a real kick out of the craft.
P.S. regarding dollar stores: I have found it worthwhile to occasionally cruise through some of the dollar stores in my area. You never know what you might find that you can use for crafts. For instance, the mini-ornaments for this craft. Today I bought a couple of baskets of assorted sea shells for a dollar each, I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'll think of something. Another dollar store find: packages of mini spools of thread, they come 30 or 40 to a packages. One year I bought a few packages of them, each girl got 8 or so to string with bells on a pipe cleaner, it was either a tree ornament or a bracelet. (Great idea for Daisies or younger Brownies.)

Snowman Centerpiece

From: Kim Johnson

These instructions are for one 12" snowman. Melt 1/2 C margarine and a 16-oz package miniature marshmallows in saucepan and pour over 20 Cups popped popcorn. Butter hands. Form popcorn into 3 balls - small, medium, and large. To secure the balls on top of each other, form a well in the top of each ball and a bump on the bottom of the ball that will sit on top of it. Decorate with a tophat made from construction paper. Use candy/nuts for face and buttons.

Snowman Plant Marker

From: Debbie - Springfield, Vermont


  • tongue depressor
  • orange paint
  • paint brush
  • white paint
  • 6" of 1/4" ribbon
  • black paint
  • toothpick
  • tacky glue
  • black felt
  • small clothespin
  • gold string
  • small thin twigs (from a tree)
  • scissors

1. paint tongue depressor with white paint (both sides) & allow to dry

2. Hat - made from black felt
(1) 1" square
(1) 1/8" x 1 1/2" rectangle (brim of hat )
Center brim of the hat to the bottom of square piece and glue together using tacky glue. Are you going to hang your snowmen? Use your gold string and make loop hanger at the top on the front of the depressor first. Then glue the hat 1/2" down, over the tip if the tongue depressor. (You can also make them into refrigerator magnets too!!)

3. Painting the eyes, mouth & coal buttons Use the pointed end of a small paint brush, dip into black paint and dot on eyes & (3-4) dots for the mouth. Buttons - 1"down from the mouth, make three dots to make buttons. Don't make perfect dots, if they are uneven it makes it look like pieces of coal.

4. Nose - made out of the tooth pick Dip end of the toothpick into orange paint (paint at least 3/4" of tip) Allow to dry ( I stuck the toothpicks into a piece of Styrofoam ) When dry you need to cut painted end off - This is a job for the adults to do. Score the painted end of toothpick with a sharp knife. You should be able to snap off the nose with a pair of scissors. With a little of patience, glue nose into place. Allow to dry flat so the glue has time to set. Nose should be about 1/2" long.

5. Scarf - made from the ribbon Tie ribbon around the depressor just below the mouth. Only need to do a half knot making sure to have knot tied in the front of the snowman. You will want to glue the knot so it will not fall out. You can use a clothespin to hold the area where you glued until it is dry.

6. The final Touch!!
Snowmen have to have arms! Use very thin twigs ( average length of 3" each ) Glue to the back of depressor and use clothespin to hold in place while it dries. Arm twigs are placed just below the scarf (3" down from the top of depressor )

Soda Can Ghost

From: Kathy Franda
Ages: All


  • Soda Can
  • Black permanent marker or paint
  • orange fun foam
  • ribbon

Take a clean soda can and remove the tab. Fold the bottom back and the top forward so that the tab opening is down. Squash can. Spray paint white with a nonglossy metal paint. Take a permanent black marker or black paint and paint the inside of the tab hole (mouth) and eyes (above mouth). Take some orange fun foam and cut out a small pumpkin (I used a pill bottle to make circles) and color pumpkin face on cutout. Hot glue to body. Take a length of orange ribbon and hot glue to back for a hanger (an option is to use orange or natural raffia for hanger) You can also write "Happy Halloween" or "Boo!" on ghost body.

This is a VERY cheap craft and it is easy for younger children since it can be done with markers.

Soda Can Turkey

From: Kathy Franda
Ages: All


  • Clean Soda cans
  • Brown, yellow, orange and red paint
  • sponge pieces (about 1" square)
  • red felt or fun foam
  • goggly eyes
  • ribbon or raffia for hanger

With the hole in the top of the can facing away from you bend the top forward and the bottom back. Place on floor and stomp to press. (Does not need to be flat - but does need to stay bent) Paint entire can brown. (I have 2nd graders and I do all of the previous directions in preparation to the meeting). Put yellow, orange and red paint in flat dishes. Hold the can so that the hole it closest to you. The top of the can is the turkey face and the body going up behind it is the turkey body/tail. Use sponge pieces to sponge a row of each color up the tail (body of can). Use the red felt or foam to cut a beak (Make 3-D)and wattle (hanging off one side of beak) and glue to can over hole. Glue on goggly eyes. Glue ribbon or raffia to top back to form hanger.

Comments: I use hot glue because it's fast and holds well. I have the girls make and place the items and then I go around and glue them so that they don't accidently get burned. I don't know if craft glue would hold.

Stuffed Pumpkins

From: Tracy Buckley
Ages: Appropriate for: Older Brownies that can do cutting & sewing, Juniors, Cadettes & Seniors

"Here is a really neat (magical) craft that will work for the Oct or Nov timeframe..."


  • old dark colored stocking (pantyhose with runs)
  • bleach
  • polyfil stuffing
  • needle & orange thread (or big needles & orange yarn)
  • green felt
  • scissors

1. Before you meet with your troop, some prep work needs to be done. Or if you are at camp, the first night can be used to get the stockings ready. Do this in a well ventilated area! Take your black stockings and soak them overnight (or at least about 3 hours) in a mixture of 1 part water to 1 part bleach. The darker the stockings the ORANGER they turn. NO dyes are needed! Magic!!! The bleach will turn your stockings various shades of light brown, orange and yellows.

2. Take your dyed stockings and cut 'em into about 3 strips for each leg (cut the toe) so you can stick your arm through. Tie a knot in the middle, double over one side of the knot to make a two layer piece of stocking. The knot should be on the inside of the pocket. Stuff the double pocket with polyfil and stitch the opening so the stuffing stays in. Next take your orange thread or yarn and run it through the middle and around the edge of your pumpkin ball to make as many ribs as you'd like. Finish it off by glueing a piece of green or brown felt that been rolled into a stem piece. You might also glue a leaf next to your stem. Done!

Styrofoam Spider

From: Kathy Franda
Ages: All


  • 3 or 4" Styrofoam Ball
  • Black chenille stems
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Goggly Eyes

Paint the ball black. Let dry. Cut the chenille stems in half. Bend each "leg" about half way in a 90 degree angle and bend 1/2" from end for "foot". Insert 4 legs on each side of body(ball). Glue two goggly eyes on front.
Spider can either stand on table or you can hand from thread pinned to top of spider.

Table Top Tree

From: Bonnie Sedore
Ages: All


  • Large pine or fir cone
  • paint & brushes
  • spray paint optional
  • glue
  • glitter
  • large 3 liter pop bottle cap
  • gummed stars or cut out stars

Optional spray paint cones color of your choice. Paint bottle cap or cover with foil. Glue base of cone into center of cap. Decorate cone with glitter . lay straight pin or tooth pick between the two stars to stick together. Fasten star to top of tree.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

From: Jessies Mom / Suffolk County Girls Scouts
Ages: All


  • One 4-in clay pot
  • Florist foam
  • Various silk flowers (we bought fall colors at 50% off right after Halloween)
  • Florist Moss
  • Double sided tape

Cut Florist foam into cubes that will fit in bottom of clay pot. Attach double sided tape to bottom of foam and place in bottom of pot. Have girls arrange flowers by sticking stems into foam. Cover foam and stems with florist moss.

Paint pots with acrylic paint before flower arranging.

Variation 2:
Use different types of flowers for different times of the year.

For Thanksgiving this year, my brownies are making centerpieces for the tables at our local soup kitchen. I wanted something the girls could make in less than 30 minutes and one that would look fairly respectable. My co-leader came up with this idea.

Tree Twirls

From: Bonnie Sedore
Ages: All


  • Colored pipe cleaners (shine gold & silver works well)
  • tinsel optional
  • pencil or dowel rod
  • scissors

Wind pipe cleaner around pencil completely, pull pencil out from center. You can pull spiral if desired. Cut a length of tinsel just short of the length of the spiral & push tinsel inside the spiral. Once in position pull short amounts. of the tinsel through the opening in the spiral. So it peeps through. Other ideas fold pipe cleaners into shape & twist ends together.

Turkey Cracker

From: Bonnie Sedore
Ages: All


  • Powdered sugar
  • Chocolate Kisses
  • Round Crackers
  • Candy corn

Mix a few drops of water with some powdered sugar to make a "glue" substance.

Put a large drop of powdered sugar "glue" on the middle of a cracker, place "kiss" on the "glue". Place it so it lays on its side, put "glue" on the flat side of the "kiss" & place another cracker on that area. "Glue" candy corn on the pointed side (candy corn point should be downward) of the "kiss".

Comments: Juniors made these at Thanksgiving & donated to a Womens & Childrens Shelter.

Turkey Orange Cups

From: Anne Wiebe / Lone Star Girl Scout Council
Ages: All


  • Orange (1/2 orange per cup)
  • Radish
  • Bit of pimento or red pepper
  • Celery stick, best if with leaves
  • Round toothpicks

Cut the orange in half, ream it out on juicer as if making orange juice. (Drink the orange juice if you like!) This is the body of the turkey. Stick toothpick in the one edge at an angle, to be the turkey neck.

Make a tail out of a celery stick with leaves (or you could make a full one out of colored paper to look more like the traditional turkey picture). Attach to the orange cup by another toothpick.

Make the turkey head out of a radish; you can draw on some facial features with a Sharpie pen if you like (then it's not edible) or leave blank. Break off a very small end of a toothpick and insert into radish for the beak; hang a little bit of pimento from it for a wattle. Then attach to the body by the neck toothpick. Now, you can fill this little cup with cranberry relish or fruit salad or another condiment to sit beside the plate for each diner at Thanksgiving.

Comments: If you did this at a meeting, you'd send it home in a plastic bag with instructions to duplicate for Thanksgiving dinner.

Valentine Pins

From: Sue Moore-Vest
Ages: Any depending on coloring medium used


  • heart shaped candy molds
  • plaster of paris
  • bar or safety pins
  • washable markers
  • paints
  • glitter, or other decorations
  • glue gun or craft glue

For younger girls (or even older ones to save time), mix Plaster of Paris according to instructions. With a spoon, fill molds with Plaster of paris. Let set till firm. Remove from mold and let dry, preferable 24 hours before coloring them. Older girls may want to mold their own. At meeting, provide plaster hearts and markers, paint, etc. The girls can decorate them in any fashion they prefer. Markers is the least messy, and even the 6th graders have enjoyed using them as you have greater control. Glue pins onto back of heart. If you have some narrow lace, you can glue that onto the back for an extra frill.

Comments: Plaster of paris is cheapest if purchased at the hardware store. You will get at least twice as much for your money as compared to buying it at a craft store

As you probably guessed, this activity can be geared to any occasion or to no occasion whatsoever. If you are quick with the pin backs, and are using bar pins, you can set them into the plaster when it is almost fully set. Make certain to not store these in plastic bags until you are certain they are completely dry. For an interesting effect, color with markers while the plaster is still a bit damp (you can tell because it will feel cool). The colors will bleed into each other, and it looks really cool.

Valentine/St Patricks Day Mobile

From: Annierap - Chicago Council

Ages: All Ages

  • Paper Doilies
  • red paper plate
  • red construction paper (or use pink for hearts)
  • red yarn
  • glue sticks
  • optional glitter
  • optional photos

Cut out center of paper plate so you have just a ring. Then cut out circles with the red construction paper and heart shapes, Paste whole Doilies and cut up doilies to both sides of circles/hearts. Decorate with glitter, or photos of the girls in the troops or Valentines Day sayings. Punch hole in top and hole in ring, affix with yarn. Attach a hanger thread for mobile.

This can be done for St. Patricks Day with Shamrocks too. Last year I found Shamrock doilies.


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