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Poem for Bridging to Juniors

The Blob


Toast to the Long - Suffering Husband of the Volunteer Worker

"We Followed" - Girl Scout Leader's Poem

The Green Angel



Poem for Bridging to Juniors

From: brennanj

Take my hand in friendship
I give to you this day.
Remember all the good times
We had along the way.

Take my hand in helping
Other people that we know.
The more we give to others,
The more that we will grow.

Take my hands in learning
To camp on nature's ground.
Enjoying trails and campfires
With new friends that we have found.

Take my hand in giving
Our knowledge of true scouts
To girls we meet and talk to
Who have so many doubts.

Take my hand in thanking
Our leader and our guide.
With sincere appreciation
For standing by our side.

Take my hand in eagerness
To be an older scout.
We're proud to be bridging
Is what we're going to shout.

So take my hand to follow
New scouting paths in sight.
We're joining hands with each
And in friendship we'll unite.

(In Unison):
We give our hands in promise
To hold our country dea,
And abide the Girl Scout Law
Each day throughout the year

The Blob

From: Dori Byron/Ed Byron

Material needed: 2 Square, 2 triangle, 2 star, 2 circle, 1 blob and 1 in-spite-of sign

Parable of the Shapes The Script:
There once was a land of IF and BECAUSE
That sat on the earth as every land does.
And every person who lived in the land,
Would search for a person they could understand.
Now let us together observe what takes place
When IF and BECAUSE people meet face-to-face.

As I walk along this fine sunny day,
A stranger I see coming my way.
Is this stranger a friend or a foe?
Not till I look at the shape will I know.
A circle I be and a circle I stay;
A circle is needed for friendship today
(enter Blob)
Hello my friend, Circle's my name And finding a friend is my kind of game
Have you a circle to exchange with me here?
Or-are you an alien shape, I fear?

A friendly fellow you seem to be
And circles I need for good friends, to be.
What my own shape is, I really don't know......
But I hope its a circle so friendship will grow.
I'm so glad I found you, I'm so glad to see
That such a relationship can possibly be.

Now wait a minute, Oh stranger here.
You hasten your happiness too fast, I fear.
I told you before- our two shapes must match
In order for any new friendship to hatch.
If you were a circle with roundest of frame,
We'd be friends forever because we're the same.
But, I see no circle, I see nothing round.
I think that it's only a BLOB that I've found.
Now - think of my image, what others might say,
I can't take the risk, Away! Away!

I'm so broken hearted, I'm in such despair. I am not a circle. It doesn't seem fair. (enter 2nd CIRCLE)

A call for a circle, is that what I hear?
I, too, am a circle, such joy and such cheer;
For now, dear circle, you long vigil ends,
We've found one another. Forever we're friends!
(two circles embrace and walk off)
(enter 1st STAR)

1st STAR:
I am a star, a beautiful star.
Better than all other shapes, by far.
And if you are the finest, I think you will see
That shape you are holding, a star it will be.
If I'd find a star, we'd frolic in fun,
And dance and play and never be done;
If you are a star, my friendship you've won.
But, as I look closer, I see you're not one.
You're only a BLOB. We'll never go far;
Unless you can prove that you're also a star!

My shape's not important. Myself is what counts.
Just give me some friendship in any amount.

1st STAR:
I've no time for BLOBS, so go on your way,
For I think a star is coming this way........
(enter 2nd STAR)

2nd STAR:
A star I am, and a star I'll stay.
Oh, praise be to stars, it's our lucky day!

1st STAR:
O star, O star, what double delight!
These shapes that we're holding- they match us just right.

2nd STAR:
At last, we're together, so happy and proud.
Together we'll surely stand out in a crowd.
So BLOB, adios! Farewell and good-bye!
You just don't fit in, and don't ask us why.
(Stars both exit)

Alas, I am broken. What worse could I do?
Than being rejected by each of these two.
(enter 1st SQUARE)

Through this crowd I now will stare
To see if perhaps there be somewhere a square.
Pardon me there, but some time could you lend?
If you are a square, I'll be your true friend.

Oh, surely, dear square, our shape's not the same,
But, I'm a sweet person, and what's in a name?

Your shape's not a square and you talk to me so?
I can't believe all the nerve that you show.
If it's friendship you want, than friendship go get,
But, not from a shape with which you don't fit.
(enter 2nd SQUARE)

A call for a square? I'll soon be right there.
A square I am and a square I'll be.
I'll join you in friendship, of square, just ask me.
Because our fine corners do each number four,
We'll stay close together forever and more!
(both squares exit)

I'm torn and I'm frazzled, what worse could there be,
Than being rejected by each of these three.
(enter TRIANGLE)

I'm wandering to and I'm wandering fro,
In search of a three-sided shape just like so (points to his?her shape)
For if I could find one, I know we would blend,
For only a triangle can be a TRUE friend.

Hello there, dear sister, I've heard all you've said.
I can't help but think - to you I've been led.
For you need friendship and I need the same,
So on with the friendship and off with the game.

Now, who is this talking? What shape do you hold?
You seem sort of strange, just what is your mold?
You are not pretty, you shapeless disgrace.
Why Your just a BLOB, it's all over your face.
I've no time for you, you pitiful one.
This senseless discussion is over and done!
(enter 2nd TRIANGLE)

A call for a triangle? Well, I'll fill the need.
We're made for each other, it must be agreed.
(triangles both exit together)

No one understands poor shapeless me,
Cause I'm just a BLOB as you can well see.
If I were a circle or maybe a square,
Then I could be having some fun over there.
Why can't all you shapes just notice and see,
that I'm just as miserable as I can be.
With no one to laugh and be good friends with,
I'm beginning to feel just a little bit miffed.

Now just at this moment comes into this place....
a person who's different in style and in grace.
So quiet and thoughtful and listens quite well,
Observing the stories that our characters tell.
Now with me return to our tale if you can...
And witness the ways of the "IN-SPITE-OF-FRIEND.

Hello, will you be my friend?

Oh, no can't you see...
I'm not a circle or square, so please leave me be.

Friend, once again to you I will say,
Will you not be my friend on this fine day?

Your humor's not funny. I'm wise to your jokes.
You're here to make fun like the rest of these folks.

Now what is the problem, my poor little one?
You seem so distressed, so completely undone.

I've run the whole gambit, I've pleaded and cried
To have them accept me and love me inside.
But each time I seek them they look at my shape,
and quickly reject me, it's like hearing a tape.
"You're not the right person, you've got the wrong shape."
The people will gossip, the people will gape."
If this shall continue from day unto day,
Alone I'll; remain and depressed will I stay.

I think a great lesson's been brought to your sight.
these shapes find it hard to accept you "in spite".
They're all possessive and selfish inside,
They wallow in vanity, ego, and pride.
But these is an answer I've found to be true,
And I've come to offer this answer to you.

I don't understand all you're trying to say,
But you're the first person I've met here today
Who seems to accept me in spite of my form
You break all the rules of the shape-seekers norm.

Your wisdom is growing, I think you now see
Love puts no conditions on you or on me.

Our moral is simple, I'll share it with you.
It's all UP TO YOU.
The world offers values which dazzle our eyes,
It mixes the truth with ridiculous lies
And we here are seeking the true meaning of
This life that we're living. this word we call "love"
The IF and BECAUSE folks are caught in a bind,
For they only accept their very own kind.
They love folks "BECAUSE" and love people "IF",
But few have discovered the "IN SPITE OF' GIFT!

Contributed by Dick Davis for "Ideas" #17 Courtesy of Dori Byron


From: Donna McIntyre

"I was reading "Dear Abby" in our local newspaper and came across a poem that was sent in from someone in Cincinnati. The poem was found in an Ohio Historical Society Musuem. After reading this wonderful poem, I felt that I should share it with the many other volunteers we deserve to read this. When you have a bad day and start to wonder way in the world you are working so hard in a volunteer role, think of this poem!"

Many will be shocked to find,
When the day of judgment nears,
That there's a special place in Heaven
Set aside for volunteers.
Furnished with big recliners,
Satin couches and footstools,
Where there are no committee chairmen,
No yard sales or rest area coffee to serve,
No library duty or bulletin assembly,
There will be nothing to print and staple,
Not one thing to fold and mail,
Telephone lists will be outlawed.
But a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners
And rare treats fit for a king.
You ask, "Who'll serve these privileged few
And work for all they're worth?"
Why, all those who reaped the benefits,
And not once volunteered on Earth!

Toast to the Long - Suffering Husband of the Volunteer Worker

From: Marcia Hicks

Author Unknown

Here's to the man -- the poor, poor man
Whose busy wife does all she can
To make his home as precious as pearls,
While she's out "Scouting" with the girls.

He leaves for work in the gray, gray dawn,
The phone starts ringing the moment he's gone,
When he comes home he finds a note
And this is what his wifey wrote...

"Tonight I'll be a little late,
But on the table I put your plate,
Now don't forget to watch the stew
And keep your eye on the children, too.

That handkerchief I forgot to press,
But I couldn't wear a wrinkled dress!
I have an appointment to keep, you see
Tomorrow, I'll try to iron you three.

The laundry brought your shirts today
But I didn't get them put away.
Just clean a place upon the shelf,
I do feel I should have done it myself.

I had to use the car, today,
I backed it out the very same way
I've seen you do it ten times or more
But, darling, I hit the old garage door.

I'll have to have it tomorrow, too
I'm taking the "Scouts" out to the zoo.
No, it won't take much gasoline,
And could you manage to wash it clean?

Of course it's raining, but please don't fret,
They couldn't possibly get the cushions wet.
Oh, yes, I remember the trip before --
They only got mud on the seat and the floor.

No really, folks this isn't all true
But if it were, he'd see her through
He really thinks she's a pretty swell gal
And working with Scouts makes her a real pal.

So here's to the man, the lucky man,
Whose busy wife does all she can
To guide our daughters from strife and sorrow,
For they'll be the "Leaders of Tomorrow..."

"We Followed" - Girl Scout Leader's Poem

From: Irv Giles

"Donna Haggerty's posting of "We Followed" seemed familiar, but the version I have is different. This came in a Leader's Day packet, along with a Girl Scout whistle!

Girl Scout Leader's Poem

My dishes went unwashed today
I didn't make the bed
I took her hand and went with her
To Girl Scout's instead.
That my house was neglected
That I didn't sweep the stairs
In twenty years no one on earth
Will know or even care.
But that I helped a little girl
From child to adulthood grow
In twenty years, the whole wide world
Will look and see and know.

The Green Angel

There area several variations on this, all of which follow the same theme:

From: Maggie Pruett

I dreamed I went to Heaven
And saw among the dead
An Angel dressed in Green
A halo 'round her head.

And she looked kind of funny
Midst all the glaring white,
The others asked her jealously
What gave her such right?

I'm just a Girl Scout Leader;
I lay no hold to fame;
But being such a person
Means more than just the name.

My jobs on earth were many;
Praises and thanks were few.
I did more work in one day,
Than ten people ought to do.

I was a tin can cooker,
A hiker, a pathfinder;
I've also been an artist,
A sailor, a bookbinder.
I taught jumping jills to dance,
I taught parrots to sing:
I made saints out of hoodlums,
While mama has her fling.

I walked the streets till my feet
Felt like a ton of bricks,
Selling Girl Scout Cookies now
The mere thought makes me sick.

But it was all a lot of fun;
Life never was a bore,
See-- This role isn't new to me,
"I've been an angel before."

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