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Girl Scout Law Windsock

Materials per project:

  • 5 15" x 1 1/2" tissue strips (blue, green, or white)
  • 5 15" x 1 1/2" tissue strips (different color than first set)
  • 1 18" x 6" construction paper (blue or green)
  • 2 18" x 4" construction paper (white)
  • trefoil shaped cutouts in contrasting colors glue
  • string
  • hole punch
  • fine tip black
  • marker


1) On the narrow contruction paper write:

I will do my best to be...

2) Glue narrow contruction paper in center of wider piece. Allow to dry.

3) On each strip of tissue (alternate colors), write a line of the law.

4) Shape construction paper into a cylinder, overlapping the ends (but don't cover up any writing). Glue.

5) Glue tissue strips to bottom of cylinder, in the order they are read. The first strip, "honest and fair" should be positioned underneath "be".

6) Punch 4 equally spaced holes around top of windsock. Cut two pieces of string. Tie the end of one string to one of the holes, and other end to an opposite hole. Repeat with second string. Gather strings and tie in an overhand knot to make a loop for hanging.

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