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What is The Masked Scout?

The Masked Scout is an anonymous Delphi account for posting on the Leader/Guider Cyber Council.


How can The Masked Scout help me?

If you wish to discuss topics of a sensitive nature, it may be uncomfortable if your online identity is known to members of your home organization. E-mail your message to leader@gsleaders.org. Forum staff will post your material using The Masked Scout's Delphi account.


What happens to my message after I send it?

Forum staff will save your e-mail message for approximately two weeks so we can match any private replies to your question. After that, your original e-mail will be deleted from our e-mail account.


What happens to replies to The Masked Scout?

Replies posted to the message board will stay on the message board, provided they do not violate Forum Rules. Replies sent by e-mail to The Masked Scout will be forwarded to question's originator.


Will forum staff "tattle" on me?


Absolutely not!


Can I use The Masked Scout in the chat room?



Will The Masked Scout post to other forums?



Is The Masked Scout male or female?

The Masked Scout refuses to answer any questions related to gender.


What if I have more questions?


Contact forum staff at leader@gsleaders.org .

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